Catskull Electronics

Online business for DIY synthesizers

During the pandemic as I was waiting to be allowed to enter Japan for graduate school, an interesting opportunity came to me. A friend had started a small online business selling DIY electronics, and he decided to move on and pass it down to me. Thus began a flurry of activity to learn the ropes of a small creative electronics business called Catskull Electronics. We sold tools for musicians who used vintage video game hardware. Examples of products included MIDI interfaces for Gameboys and Segas, music albums on a cartridge, and reprogrammable flash cartridges for various systems.

We weren’t selling products I designed—instead I worked with others to bring their products to the market. It was really valuable to learn how to put together a personal assembly line, bulk order electronics from China, and of course how to manage finances and customers. I kept the shop going for about two years before wrapping it up to focus on my studies and research.

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