Through a glass darkly

Holograms are like magic. They bring together the best aspects of science and art as a craft. They are the technology that really opened my eyes, no pun intended, to the possibility for electrial engineering research to radically extend media in useful and artistic ways. Holography is a deep and fascinating engineering problem with many variables—it’s been a joy to really just sink my teeth into it. Plus, holograms are just fun to make and look at!

I took graduate coursework in holography as an undergraduate, and made a variety of holograms in different configurations, including Gabor in-line transmission, Denisyuk in-line reflection, and Leith & Upatnieks off-axis holograms. Shown below is a hologram I recently made experimenting with a new polymer recording material.

Denisyuk-style green reflection hologram on polymer film. It's a cute little blue hamham!